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Useful coverage on your home insurance that will surprise you

Fire, electrical damage, floods, theft … They are some of the most common coverage of home insurance. However, these include a wide range of guarantees that are often unknown. Today, we are going to focus on some of these useful home insurance coverage , which we believe you may ignore.

Beyond that the home insurance is usually linked with the signature of the mortgage, which is why it is usually an unknown product for many of us, it is a very valuable instrument to welcome us in different situations. Making the most of home insurance goes through spending a little time reading the small print of the contract . Something that, without a doubt, we invite you to do.

Specifically, it is the Home Multi-Risk Insurance that is the main affected by this ignorance. However, on many occasions, they cover most of the damages that may arise in our homes. From Bogs Insurance we are informed of five unknown home insurance coverage and that can be very useful .


Remote Computer Assistance

Remote Computer Assistance

In case you have incidents related to your computer, you can contact by phone or online chat with a computer expert who will help you solve the problem. What types of problems? Virtually anyone, from doubts in the installation of a scanner or printer, coverage failures, incidents with the Internet, with any mobile device… From Seguros Bogs they offer you an online suite service to make it easier for you to use remote computer assistance. your home insurance


Computer data recovery

Computer data recovery

Have you had a problem with your Smartphone or computer and do not know how to recover everything you had stored on it? From a master’s final project, to the photos of your farewell, through that presentation to which you spent so many hours … You can rest easy, your Home Insurance provides you with a team of computer experts who will do the impossible to recover the data you believe to have lost


DIY service

We all like them to help us and, above all, when it comes to performing a task that we do not control. In this case we talk about when you need to turn to a professional to make a home repair. Your Home Insurance will allow you to find a professional, free of charge , for the repair of plugs and faucets replacement, installation of lamps and curtains, furniture assembly ‘kit’ and placement of shelves and placement of bathroom and kitchen accessories.

As specified by Bogs Insurance, up to three requests per year may be made, with a maximum duration of two hours of labor at each visit. Did not you know?


Forced to leave your home for a few days?

Forced to leave your home for a few days?

If for an accident in your home you are forced to leave it temporarily empty, your Home Insurance pays you the expenses. Forget about asking for favors! Your policy also covers the rental of a home, the transfer of furniture or other expenses caused by not being able to use your home.

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