Loans without a penny transfer – how does it work?

Loans without a penny transfer – how does it work?

Online loans enjoy unflagging popularity in Poland. This is a very simple and convenient way to get an extra cash injection. To get a loan online you need to complete only a few simple formalities. One of them is sometimes sending a verification transfer from our bank account. Thanks to it , the loan company confirms our identity. Until recently, confirmation of our identity was only possible through verification transfers. It consisted in the fact that we received the data for the transfer and sent a penny or $ 1 to such an account. The decision to grant the loan was then received only when the transfer was booked. This mechanism was a kind of blockade for people who had an overdraft or a block imposed by a bailiff. Recently, however, the situation has changed. All thanks to the new KontoConnet application. What is that? In this article we discuss in an accurate loan without overflowing penny. We invite you to read carefully!


Loans without a penny transfer – how does it work?

Loans without a penny transfer - how does it work?

Many people are certainly wondering how to get a loan without paying a penny. Below are detailed instructions in this regard. When we enter the lender’s website, we must first of course choose the amount and complete the necessary forms. For loan companies servicing BontoConnect, data from our ID card is usually sufficient. We do not have to worry about the security of our bank account. The internet connection is encrypted and the application does not download any data from our account. It also does not get the operation history from it. It is worth knowing that verification via BontoConnect does not affect the credit decision in any way.


BontoConnect when applying for a loan – a guide

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How to use BontoConnect when applying for an online loan ? Contrary to appearances, it’s really very simple. When filling out the basic personal data in the loan application, we go to the verification stage. In this situation, we must choose a $ 1 transfer or the BontoConnect application. When we click the “verify using application” option, we will see a special field. From the drop-down list, select the bank where we run our account. All banks operating in Poland will be on the list. There is no fear that our bank will not be on this list.

Logging into your account via BontoConnect.


Don’t worry – the connection is 100% secure and there is no reason to be afraid. Never before has a client ever leaked as a result of logging in via BontoConnect. When we log in via BontoConnect, the application will automatically verify the accuracy of our personal data – the personal data from the application will be compared with those for which the bank account was created. Therefore, we must remember to log in to the bank account belonging to us.