How to invest in loans as an economic activity or investment

How to invest in loans as an economic activity or investment

If you are thinking of producing loans between individuals you need to determine how you are going to make them being an economic activity or as easy investments.

Items, goods and services

Products, goods and services

Economic exercise is called any process through which products, goods and services that include our needs are obtained or profits are attained.

That is why for the majority of economic activities specific needs are required, in addition to the general types that affect all.

Among the general specifications would be the prosecutors, register with all the ABC, settle the VAT quarterly, etc …

Among the particular requirements, information, experience or qualification might be cited

For instance , to fix a car you need a mechanic’s degree, to represent a 3rd party in a trial a right name and so in the different current offices.

Necessity is also required not only in order to whoever makes the product or service, yet to the fact. An example might be domestic service. The employees in this case are not required specifications, but the worker is required to end up being registered in social safety. You can buy and sell an apartment with no buyer or seller becoming Real Estate Agents, but the deed should be notarized.

Nevertheless , these requirements are only required in the event that we offer something in order to third parties, but it is not really required for everything we perform for ourselves. For example:

We all have the directly to be cooks in our house, without having the food handler credit card, but we must have it in order to serve food in public
Everyone has the right to wash our teeth without having to navigate to the dentist, but to clean teeth of others, we must be a dental professional
We all possess the right to invest our profit the stock market, but to get money from others, we have to register as a managing organization
We all possess the right to cut our tresses ourselves with a machine, in case you want to cut your hair regionally under your house you have to sign up in the ABC as hairdressers

The same concepts can apply to loans among individuals:


In Spain all of us have the right to lend the money, but to give the money of others, we must sign-up as a financial entity plus declare our economic action.

That is, someone who has saved € thirty, 000 can lend these to another individual (or company). And someone who needs cash, can borrow it through an individual. What an individual can not do is ask for cash from an individual offering to come back it to a percentage decided for example to 5% and lend it to another person at 10%. That would be the covert economic activity plus would not be allowed, until you meet the general requirements of the credit or investment monetary entity.

Within Good Finance the people who lend their money are usually themselves who negotiate their particular price and where they will place their investment. A person will lend money to a different individual directly and with the and term equal to the lender with the only difference that it can be the particular lender who really earns more for their money and not a financial organization that benefits from his cash.

Product associated with investment of loans among individuals will be guaranteed

Product of investment of loans between individuals will be guaranteed

And of course, we must do so along with guarantees and collection protection. The bank requires some ensures and with it we must indication a contract with some clauses that will allow to guarantee the selection. It is not about leaving cash to the first one that comes, if we want to benefit from marketing communications, the information and the advantages provided by a home equity platform along with mortgage guarantee such as Great Finance we must meet the needs requested on the web to In order to lend our money. In this manner our product of investment decision of loans between people will be guaranteed.