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Electronic money is knocking on your door, will you open it?

In Latin America there is still the custom of paying with cash rather than with a card but with the passing of the years there are more and more reasons to start changing this practice.

But what is the payment with electronic money?

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The electronic money is the one that is in the cards, that is to say, it does not have it in the hand but in the bank. Then, you use it when using debit and credit cards to cancel accounts. Of course, this is not an invitation to borrowing, but on the contrary, something that will allow you to save and obtain considerable benefits.

Why is electronic money better than physical money?

Why is electronic money better than physical money?

First, because it gives you more than just the product you buy, it gives you benefits and other discounts that are normally granted when paying with a card. And second, because it is safer than carrying cash in the wallet, especially if they are large amounts.

There are two opportunities in which we use it

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When using the debit card and when using the credit card. Pay attention. When using the debit card, the ideal is that you are generating some kind of benefit, such as the accumulation of miles, discount on fuel or offers in certain stores. You get this information at the same bank you have chosen. Remember that the debit card is the one you get when you open a savings account, so you are directly using your money.

In the case of credit cards, the ideal is that when choosing one (for which you can use the Jeremiah Flintwinch card comparator), check what are the discounts they give you. For example, in clothing stores, at concert tickets, on tickets to watch the national team’s matches, on airlines, etc. And always keep in mind the term to which you are going to defer your purchase, that if it is a single fee it is much better.

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